CONTACT!      10TH OF MAY 2014

A new message via my scull Ezekiel-Bashar about contact by Marit Karssens 

10th of May 2014

I just put on my voice-recorder because I knew I would be channeling the words by speaking, not writing as I normally do…

I typed out almost literally the conversation.

Me: ‘I hope so that you share information with me that will help us forward and will help people to believe in the words you say, the words I write down … please

I still call you Ezekiel-Bashar, is this okay, because I always think isn’t it another name?’

E.B. ’ No it is Bashar’.

Me: ‘Okay, it is a beautiful name… ‘

E.B.: ‘I am going to say what is important now:

Do you allow me to speak through you?’

Me: ‘Yes I allow you to do so, I won’t ask you questions anymore

Please say what you have to say and sorry that I did not contact you earlier to do so.’

E. Bashar: ‘It is okay’.

‘What I have to say is important.

It is important for you to spread the word because…..

because we are coming, the Extra Terrestrial contact will soon be there. 

How soon you want to ask me: We cannot tell you whether it will be in weeks or months but it will be sooner than you think and you have to be prepared. How can you be prepared? I can hear your thoughts so I will repeat the questions. Okay?’

Me: ‘Okay’

Bashar: ‘How you can prepare yourself to an encounter with an Extra Terrestrial being:

Raise yourself in frequency.

A lot of you have been doing this already for the past few years. The youngsters who are born, they carry the higher frequency in themselves so for them it will not be a problem to contact us, but for new ones in the spiritual world it can be a shock and this is what we do not want to happen’.

‘How you can raise the frequency?

By opening up for us.

By contacting us by night.

By taking your dreams seriously.

By asking us to come to you in your dreams.

Because these aren’t your dreams,

these are real physical meetings already in your subconsciousness

and it is in this subconsciousness that we contact you and ask your permission to help you to come to a higher frequency.

Give us the permission to do so before you go to sleep,

when we can feel the wish, coming from deep within your heart to contact us:

You will wake the morning afterwards and know we were there.

You will be sure, you can be sure.

You will feel alive, you will be glad, you will be moved.

You will be touched by the thought of us contacting you by night

Perhaps you will not remember your dream

Even when you do not remember your dream:

we are there … we were there,

we were there, we are there with you as we are with you now

You can open your eyes and you won’t see us but we are there

(I immediately did so, I opened my eyes ... and did not see him)

You can feel us now:

The prove that we are there is that you feel touched, you feel moved, you are warm.

You are breathing heavier than you normally do.

You can feel your heart beat …. and it is okay,

Because us contacting you will cost you a lot of energy.

This is because of the frequencies.

You are at a high level of frequencies

Otherwise we could never have contacted you.

You wouldn’t have been chosen by us to do so,

but even then it is special and it costs energy for you to do so.

And we are very grateful to you that you opened yourself up to us.

When you speak as quick as you do now

you can be sure that it is us talking to you and it is Bashar who is talking to you

We are so pleased that more and more people on earth

are opening up for us and are wishing for us to meet them, to contact them.

Write down your thoughts, your dreams, your feelings and

even if you do not remember the day after you asked us to come to you and to lift up your frequencies:

Express your feelings on paper.

Share your moves, your emotions, your feelings, your physical behavior that day

and then look what happens if you do nót ask us to do so, how you feel than…

And you can ask us to teach you, to talk to you,

to communicate with you.

But we will be on another level than you are used to as human beings.

you can talk to us in your dreams, in your sleep.

You can exercise to remember,

it is just a question of exercising and wakening up and then immediately start writing and thinking or speaking, sharing …

Even if your dreams seem to be like the kind of idiotic dream you had tonight, be sure that there is a message in it.

Write it down: you‘ll know and see the message

You want to know what your dream meant:

When we meet you, when we contact you, you can be sure that you know us, you share time with us.

We know you, you are part of us

And sometimes parts of you in your subconsciousness do not know this, perhaps you do not understand why a being contacts you as he is ….

but he is a mirror for you. 

Just trust us, just trust your dreams and feelings and do not deny us. When you deny us, you deny yourself.

Do not think this all is just a crazy period of time and this is not happening, this cannot be happening:

Yes it is happening and it can happen … it will happen

This moment it takes place: the contact with you

And the more you open up for us, and the more the people who read this, who read these messages can feel it …

they can feel it comes from your heart and can feel the truth in these words, the more the word will spread and take the frightened thoughts away. 

This is so new for you … humans …even for you.

This new episode in your live …

We are working with you on a daily base: that is why you are so tired when you wake up in the morning

But be sure, we do not give you more than you can cope with …. you can cope with this.

And you are pleased with this, we know. 

… some people of you are coming to us.

Why this is …. some of you have the wish to be with us

For a shorter or longer period of time

this is difficult because to be with us with your physical body is even dangerous.

This is why we take our measurements.

We try to evoke all kinds of troubles that could happen, this is why it takes such a long time for the real transportation…We are working on that.

But we are with you now, we are with those who want so much to be here too … and they can feel us.

We can hear you, we can hear your thoughts, we can hear your wishes, we can hear your doubts

Your doubts hurt us because we are real, as real as you are to us.

We do not doubt you

This is how it is

We want to contact you, we want to cooperate

We want to share our feelings

We want to share what we know

Our level of consciousness, our level of technology

is very, very high and we can help you with the problems that have occurred during the centuries on earth

Mother Gaia will be very pleased if we will collaborate to help her,

in order to help her, to help the environment.

To improve, to make the world healthier, cleaner,

a better place to live. We can help you with this, but this will take time.

First you will have to accept us as species existing like the human species exist on earth.

We are from other realms from planets you do not even know. Be sure we have emotions ,

we have feelings like you do.

We are learning from you….

(Silence ….)

Me: Do you want to say anything more?

Ezekiël-Bashar: Yes we are not done yet, we want to complete with a message:

That we love you, that we hold you in our arms at night

That we long for your contact

That we want so much to express our feelings to you

That you will remember us when you wake up

This is our wish

Prepare yourselves

Prepare the ones who love you, the ones who know you, prepare the world for us contacting you

No need to be afraid

There is joy, there is happiness, there is love

Feel this deep inside your heart

These words are true, the truth, they are so true

We love you, we are with you

Thank you , thank you … this was Bashar

Thank you 

by Marit Karssens