............ I already spoke with Ezekiël-Bashar for half an hour when the follwing message came through:

November 2nd 2014

Marit: Please continue E. Bashar … please continue.                             

I want so much to be your spokesman, and I feel so ….

That I don’t deserve that you speak through me.

I try and every time I think it doesn’t work… 

E. Bashar: And now it works, you know, and now it works.

Don’t think so much…

Just feel and spread the word when we speak through you.

When I speak so quickly as I do now, you can be sure it is Bashar that is speaking, you can be sure of it. You won’t speak now, I will speak and you will write down what I have to say, when it is alright with you, you will not be in your head, not the shifts every time, from Marit to Bashar. Now it is Bashar.


This week you will be in the group again, with Sigrid and Inge and a whole lot of people who are going to talk about the Holy sexuality.

Be aware that the process you are in, the heavy processes and every one will feel it his way….

It is very big what you are going to accomplish

Know that we are with you. Know that we support you.

Know that you are not alone, you do not have to be afraid of the things that have to be done, they are not so easy. 

There will be a lot of work for you, a lot of emotions, for you, the complete group.

A lot of emotions, a lot of tears. You don’t have to cry, you have to feel. You will be more silent than the times before. It is more the inner feeling and the knowing and the grief that comes from deep within…

Just let it flow, just let it go and share the emotions, share the feelings

Touch each other and know that the big, big shift that is coming, that’s on earth, that is going on now

It will be so helpful if the group will open themselves up to this new energies.

Everyone who wants to participate will participate. 

You only have to speak the intention, when you speak the intention it will happen.

Don’t be afraid, we are with you: 

Everyone has his guardian angel, his Master behind him.

It is very, very important as this will happen this week.

That everyone will be there, utterly and completely involved.

You want to ask me what you have to do to prepare to this meeting:

Do not prepare anymore,

Just leave it to the moment just leave it to the …

When you are in the circle there,

Things will start to happen.

A vortex will be opened and everyone will be touched

In a way you will never have been touched before

It will be big, but don’t be afraid

It is all meant to be.

In this timeshift, this is what is necessesary to happen

You have to play this role,

From deep within yourself,

From deep within your inner trust.

It is okay, that you wanted this to happen

That you want to participate

That you are not afraid, not afraid at all

that you are longing for what will happen

and that you are longing for the contact

longing for the emotions that all have to be felt once more

and then you can let go of it

afterwards it isn’t necessary anymore.

You will make a big step … a big step for mankind

And we already are so proud of you

Everyone of you did his own work

At a dreamlevel and a 3D level

Everyone … but it is important that you stay centered,

That you stay focused

That you are not afraid 

That you open yourself up and give yourself

the permission to take the jump, to take the leap.

You will jump as a group and you all will be guided,

have trust.

It will be beautiful.

We are looking forward to meet you there. 

Marit: We are looking forward to meet you E. Bashar,

And all the others, and guides, Ascended Masters, and Maria, Maria Magdalen, Jesus, and everyone… 

We will all be there, be sure about that

We will be there

No doubt we will be there

This time, this time.. and it is important.

Have a good night rest.

Be quiet, be calm, don’t be stressed.

Be calm and give yourself the permission to let go,

to let go of everything, even to let go of yourself and your emotions and your ego.

Just be, just be. And it will be okay.

This is for now.

Marit: Thank you Bashar, I will tell Sigrid and Inge

E. Bashar: Thank you, we are so proud of you.

Who you are, people on earth

Who are willing to set their steps, to move forward

Who are really connecting to their inner feelings

We are so proud of you

You do the work

We will be there 

We will be there too

Thank you

Ezekiël - Bashar - Marit Karssens


For the first time, I will add the voice recording of Ezekiël-Bashar, speaking through me, because of the fact that the message above is so much stronger when you hear me-Bashar speak the words.

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